Design Computation is a specialist consultancy based in London. We are focused on the development and delivery of complex Building Information Modelling and Programmatic Design. We are architects, engineers and researchers with extensive experience on a wide range of design typologies and scales. Our practice ranges from product and interaction design, to large-scale urban complexes and masterplans.



Designing is a complex activity and we believe design should be holistic. Our research aims to optimize the very initial stages of conceptualization all the way to the completion of a masterplan, the manufacturing of a product or the recycling of a building. We understand the design thinking process as the cognition of value discovery and realization and we work to enhance and maximize this process by applying bespoke BIM, Parametric and Machine Learning techniques.



We are privileged to work with some of the world's leading design practices and to assist them directly and indirectly to deliver the 'impossible' and the 'unique'.